Every time a dead person votes a Democrat gets his wings.”

Democrat cheating in elections is so well known that it has attained a kind of cultural joke status. Big-city Democrat political machines buy votes, harvest votes, make up votes, ply the homeless with booze and bus them to polling sites and yes, wake the eternally slumbering dead to vote for Democrats. Republicans have long said that in order to win close elections they need larger than razor-thin margins to get beyond Democrat cheating.

One example is Al Franken’s win over then-Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman was a moderate Republican, sober and judicious in temperament and judgment. Franken was silly, mean, petty and deeply unserious. He did have one advantage over Coleman; he had a D after his name. It was a close election that found Coleman in the lead on election night. The lead vanished over a period of months of vote counting. Miraculously, Democrats found box after box of new votes that eventually overcame Coleman’s lead and vaulted Franken to the Senate.

As to the recent Presidential election, Democrats and their wingmen, the news media, tell us there is no fraud, Biden won and Trump should concede and we should all just move on. But I have some questions, and I think we need thorough manual recounts and court challenges on Constitutional grounds before I’m willing to call Biden Mr. President.

President Trump held 3 to 5 rallies a day, each attended by thousands of people. He garnered more votes in the primary than any other Republican Presidential candidate in history. He held a wide lead in voter enthusiasm over Biden. By contrast, Biden inspired no one. He picked a running mate who’s so arrogant and nakedly ambitious she alienated members of her own party. Biden hid in his basement and had afternoon naps instead of campaign events (those he did hold were poorly attended.) He answered no questions about his plans for the country – not that the press asked him. Biden could hardly string two sentences together without screwing it up, is obviously losing it, and is ripe for removal via the 25th Amendment. How exactly did this dementing, cranky and somnolent old man beat the Energizer Bunny that is Donald Trump?

Look at the down-ticket issue. Republicans picked up House seats, as many as fourteen. They gained in the statehouses and they held on in the Senate. If this was a Trump repudiation, where are the massive Republican losses?

I think the fix was in long before the first vote was cast. Democrats weakened election laws in the swing states. Big media, big tech, big business and of course the China Lobby all wanted Trump gone. The media ignored the Hunter Biden story, and big tech censored it. To this vile mix add Democrat big-city voting shenanigans and voila: President Biden. In one of his rare candid moments Biden gave the game away by saying, “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Let’s win the two Senate seats in Georgia, cooperate with Biden where we can, and oppose him where we must.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.


The riots that have swept across America’s largest cities are the end result of the Democrat party’s depraved indifference to the Constitution and the law itself.

Soon after Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the Obama administration began spying on him, on the absurd premise that he was a Russian spy. Democrats used the Justice Department and FBI to spy on senior Trump campaign staff, and ultimately Trump himself. Never before in American history has an incumbent administration used the power of US law enforcement to spy on a political campaign of the opposition party. No prominent Democrat has denounced this or called for an investigation into the Obama administration, FBI or Justice Department for this. But the Democrat party’s deep dive into lawlessness continued.

Presidential elections are really 50 separate state elections. The victor wins the votes of Electors from that state, members of the Electoral College, who then cast their vote for President. This Constitutionally mandated system has been in place since the founding of the republic. When Trump won a majority of electoral votes and therefore the presidency, the left was outraged. They tried to intimidate individual electors into casting their votes for a candidate other than the legitimate winner, Trump. Never mind the law, tradition or the Constitution; Trump’s victory could not stand. No elected Democrat criticized the effort to overturn the 2016 election.

Immigration is a Federal responsibility. Federal law determines who is allowed in the country and who can remain. But the progressive left wants as many illegal immigrants as possible – they want their votes, and have created so-called sanctuary cities, where they violate Federal immigration law and obstruct Federal law enforcement. Democrats have gone so far as to warn illegal aliens of upcoming operations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), aiding and abetting fugitives from justice and endangering Federal agents. They have prevented Federal authorities from apprehending and deporting violent gang members.

The death of George Floyd led to peaceful protests which were hijacked by the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA. The protests became riots in Democrat-run cities. Businesses, many of them black-owned, were looted and burned to the ground. While the cities burned, Democrats were silent. Why? Until recently, they thought the riots were increasing their chances of success in November. But the polls have turned against them, leading to tepid denunciations of the riots, which they now blame on Trump.

Ever since Trump’s election Democrats have cynically lowered the bar on political discourse, broken the law, and, by their silence, encouraged rioting. They have done incalculable damage to the institutional fabric of this country. Their election loss in November will be richly earned.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph.D.