Andrew Cuomo has been a disaster for all of New York but especially for Upstate. The Upstate economy is fragile and has been in an economic depression for generations. Cuomo promised to turn it around but he has failed. Seth Barron of the Manhattan Institute cataloged the boondoggles Cuomo funded with our hard-earned tax dollars. The title of the article is “A Kings Ransom” and it appeared in the Sunday July 22nd New York Post. The link appears below:


The article is an indictment of Democrat economic policy. The basic theory is that government and the experts who reside therein must direct tax-payer dollars to the “right” places to grow the economy and create jobs; in stark contrast to empowering people to create economic growth. Any Republican candidate running for state-wide office in New York state should loudly and clearly state that Democrat economic policies don’t work. We have 8 years of Cuomo’s abysmal record to prove it.

I urge you to click on the link above and read the article by Mr. Barron.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.



It may seem that the left has lost its collective mind over the supposed Trump-Russia collusion, but the upper echelons of the Democrat party know what they’re doing – enacting a cynical political strategy to discredit Trump and slow his agenda. While Democrats are now suddenly pro-America and anti-dictator, they have a long history of cozying up to terrorists, tyrants and thugs of all stripes, even Russians.

In 1927, a group of progressive activists who became known as The Travelers journeyed to the Soviet Union because they were unhappy with the economic boom under Republican Calvin Coolidge. The 1920’s were called the Roaring Twenties because this was one of the most prosperous periods in American history. Therefore, the Travelers visited a brutal dictatorship to see how authoritarians run an economy. They toured factories, work camps, construction projects and the Kremlin itself, where they met Stalin. They were deeply impressed by all they saw, and were especially enamored of Stalin. Within six years several of the Travelers wound up serving in the FDR administration, among them Stewart Chase, who coined the term “New Deal.”

In the early 1980’s Ted Kennedy, the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts known as the Liberal Lion of the Senate, made an offer to then-Soviet dictator Yuri Andropov. Through an intermediary, Democrat Senator John Tunny of California, Kennedy offered to give Andropov talking points and other political advice to be used to attack Republican President Reagan. With a humming economy resulting from Reagan’s tax cuts, the only place where Kennedy felt Reagan was politically vulnerable was foreign policy.

In 1984 the Reagan administration supported the Contras, an opposition group trying to overthrow the communist dictatorship of Nicaragua led by Daniel Ortega. Ten Democrat Congressmen, including the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the Majority Leader, wrote what became known as the Dear Comandante Letter to Ortega. They asked Ortega for free elections and promised they would not vote to fund the Contras. This undermined Reagan’s foreign policy, made the country look weak, and usurped the executive branch’s authority in conducting foreign policy.

John Kerry, who later became the Democrat Presidential nominee in 2004, traveled to Nicaragua to attack Reagan’s policies and give support to Ortega. Ultimately, because of Reagan’s tough stand, Nicaragua held free elections in 1990. Kerry of course ran as a moderate in 2004, distancing himself from his far-left record on Latin America.

Democrats always cite extraordinary, unprecedented and life-threatening circumstances when they collude with thugs, but only when a Republican is in the

White House, and only when they sense political advantage.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph.D.



Campaign signs are a candidate’s private property. They are expensive. Retired Baptist minister Gary McCaslin has been charged with petit larceny for stealing Congressman Tom Reed’s signs decrying “Extreme Ithaca Liberals”, Reed’s shorthand for those with far-left views that are common in Ithaca and less common everywhere else.

McCaslin leads a group called Citizens for a Better Southern Tier (CBST). They bill themselves as “bipartisan” and “peaceful” and don’t endorse candidates, but they don’t like Tom Reed, because he’s not liberal enough. The CBST is home to the “Indivisible Guide,” a blueprint for disrupting Congressional town halls or any event to which an elected official they don’t like (read: conservative) shows up.

They claim they are using Tea Party tactics. This denigrates the Tea Party while giving CBST an excuse for their behavior, which is to shout, boo and hiss like rabid cats at any comments they don’t like. In stark contrast, Tea Party members read the Obamacare bill and then went to Congressional town halls and asked questions, sometimes reading directly from the bill. When congressmen (mostly Democrats) could not or would not answer their questions, the Tea Partiers challenged them in civil fashion. The Southern Tier Tea Party never had a manual for disrupting town hall meetings; I know because I was there.

CBST supports illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, repeal of the Trump tax cuts and Obamacare. In other words, they are, as described, extreme Ithaca liberals. So if you hold these views, why steal the signs? Why not be proud of it, and put “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” signs in your front yard or on the bumper of your Prius.

McCaslin claims he was being “bipartisan” and “peaceful” by gathering all campaign signs after the recent Democrat primary. Right. He is represented by Elmira attorney Christina Sonsire, who said McCaslin’s behavior “…shines a light into just how inappropriate the political climate has become.” Stealing the signs was certainly inappropriate; apparently McCaslin’s defense will be that he isn’t responsible – the prevailing political climate made him do it.

It appears the Reverend violated the 8th Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

But he may also have damaged the democratic process. Stealing campaign signs is a political dirty trick but it’s more. It damages our republic by forcing lawlessness into a process that is by definition lawful and at the very heart of our system of government. Such is the bitter harvest of fanaticism.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.


The Corning Leader ran a guest editorial (June 24th 2018) from former Hornell mayor and Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan entitled “Silent No More.” It’s a factless screed against President Trump, full of the usual Democrat talking points: he’s a racist, he’s incompetent, yadda yadda. The article begged the question: as a former party chairman and mayor, when was Hogan ever silent? The answer is: when Democrats were in charge.

Hogan is verrry worried about our democracy; putting on his best “bipartisan” face, he writes, “This is not about Republican and Democrats, this is about the survival of our Democracy.” Oh, really? Think back to March 2010, when Democrat Eric Massa resigned from Congress, a special election was needed to find his replacement and Republican newcomer Tom Reed was the favorite. Obamacare was being debated in Congress and Democrats, then as now, ran New York State. Democrat Governor Patterson delayed calling a special election while Democrat county chairmen (including Hogan, Steuben County’s Chairman) “vetted” candidates. The time between Massa’s resignation and the special election set a state record that may never be broken for the longest time to a special election. When Obamacare was voted on, Democrats made sure we were unrepresented in Congress. Why? Because Tom Reed would have voted against Obamacare, and the Democrats couldn’t risk another “no” vote. Denying people representation is a direct threat to our democracy, and Hogan went along with it and never said a word, the people of Steuben, Chemung and Schuyler Counties be damned.

To sell Obamacare, President Obama served up the now-familiar lies to the American people: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” It wasn’t true, and anyone who read the plan knew it, but Obama said it some 30 times. Millions were kicked off health care plans they liked, and lost their doctors too. Hogan was silent, and never said a word about Obama’s whoppers on a subject as personal and important to the people as their health care.

Obama said immediately following his election that “We are days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Hogan never raised a peep. He never questioned why Obama wanted to remake a country he claims to love.

Hogan never complained about the Democrat-sponsored tax, regulate and spend policies out of Albany that are killing Upstate. I don’t recall him “breaking his silence” about the massive population losses upstate, nor about the Cuomo corruption trial over the Buffalo billion.

Hogan reserves his very selective outrage for Republicans only.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.


Progressives usually blame the country (us) for their failures. And so it is with a new report from the Brookings Institute (a left-leaning think tank) on urban racial income inequality.

The author, Alan Berube, details racial income inequality (RII) in the nation’s 100 largest cities from 2014 to 2016.


New York has its share of RII. On May 20, the Elmira Star-Gazette’s headline blared: “A startling racial income gap in Monroe County.”

According to the Brookings report, whites make twice as much as blacks in Monroe county. Onondaga county is the seventh worst county in the nation, while Kings County (Brooklyn) is 18th worst. Two New York cities made the RII top ten, New York (7th) and Buffalo (10th).

Politicians predictably reached into their bag of politically correct cliches. Rochester mayor Lovely Warren said: “The data in this report confirms what we’ve known for a long time – that there is a lack of equality in our work force.” (What exactly does that mean?)

Naturally, there’s a program to address the issue, the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative. Its director, Leonard Brock, says the program is focused on institutional racism, stating, “We could give people jobs all day, but that doesn’t necessarily mitigate some of the structural challenges that create inequality.” (Wait – a $25-per-hour job wouldn’t help?)

The lack of imagination, critical thinking and common sense on the part of politicians and the press are, to borrow a phrase, “startling.” Every city in the top ten is governed by Democrats. The study covered a period when Democrat Barak Obama had been President for six years. Cuomo, a Democrat, had been Governor for four years. Cuomo said he wanted New York to be “the progressive leader” of all states. Every statewide office in New York is held by Democrats, who outnumber Republicans in New York by 2:1.

Psychologists call it externalization, which means fixing responsibility outside yourself. In the minds of progressives, their policies never lead to bad outcomes; it’s racism, sexism or some kind of “ism”, which means it’s your fault – you, the citizen, with no power to make policy, simply going about your business each day. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren acts like an innocent bystander. Her party, her political philosophy and her decisions as mayor are in no way culpable.

Where’s the press skepticism of Democrats in power? Where are the editorials asking why their policies haven’t worked? The press never asks such questions of them.

African-Americans vote 90% Democrat. Progressives build straw-men to deflect from their incompetence and keep minorities voting for them. This is the progressive Houdini trick: to slip the shackles of responsibility and point the finger of blame away from them and at the rest of us.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D