The booming American economy is the envy of the world. The latest numbers released this Friday, May 3rd should gladden the heart and swell the chest of every American. Unemployment reached a 49-year low of 3.6%. We added 263,000 jobs in April alone, and US hourly wages have reached an average of $27.77. While the Democrats promise the “mere crumbs” of a $15-per-hour minimum wage, the private sector’s answer is nearly double that. The greatest gains are in blue-collar jobs, a boon to middle-class earners. Unemployment among women has hit 4.2%, the lowest point since 1953. Hispanic and black unemployment also reached historic lows of 4.2% and 5.9%.

Obama, maybe the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter, said that manufacturing jobs were never coming back. But because of President Trump’s policies, they are coming back. In the first 21 months of the Trump presidency we’ve added ten times (396,000 since September 2018) the manufacturing jobs of the Obama administration for the same period.

The so-called media geniuses said it couldn’t be done. Here are three headlines from October 2016. The Washington Post: “A President Trump Could Destroy the Economy.” Politico: “Economists: A Trump Win Would Tank World Markets.” The always wrong Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said in the always wrong NY Times: “We are very probably looking at a global recession.”

The economic news released on Friday is top-of-the-fold, banner headline stuff, right? Not to the editors of our local rags. On Saturday, May 4th the Corning Leader’s headline was “Barr Becomes Dem’s New Focus.” The Elmira Star-Gazette chose a local angle with: “Schuyler Man to Help Those in Need in Ukraine.” Obviously, good news for America is bad news for Democrats, and their wing-men in the newspapers know it. The media coverup of good economic news deprives citizens of crucial information and betrays the reason for a free press in the first place, which is to fairly and impartially inform the public.

The Trump policies of tax cuts and deregulation have been done before with stunning success. Presidents Harding, Coolidge, Kennedy and Reagan cut taxes and presided over thriving economies in the 20’s, 60’s and 80’s. The real story is that conservative economic principles work. Low taxes and deregulation have always freed ordinary people to work, earn, invest, take risks, open new businesses and thrive.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.


Every conservative knows the news media is biased, leaning left while simulating fairness. But the Elmira Star-Gazette dropped all pretense at objectivity in the Friday (11-23-18) edition. The front page headline stated, “Candidates with strong voices can launch political careers even while losing an election.” The non-sequitur pointed readers to an article touting the failed candidacy of three Democrats, headlined “In politics, losing just might be a winning proposition.” Only in Lefty Mediaville does losing mean winning. Can you imagine a similar headline and story written about defeated Republicans?

But the leftward rush continued, with Joseph Spector’s article headlined, “Trump travel ban impacting New York.” The link is below.

This article was an editorial disguised as news, claiming that New York State refugees and their families are being hurt by the Trump travel ban. Never a mention that the countries that Trump banned are the terrorist havens of Libya,

Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen and the thugocracies of North Korea and Venezuela.

Every expert quoted in the article is from a left-leaning pro-illegal-immigration organization. This is an old media trick: stack the sources to make the story fit your narrative. In this case: Trump bad, immigration good. Another trick is to quote people who claim to be put upon, thus garnering sympathy for the cause and antipathy for the policymaker (usually a Republican.)

Heavens! Did you know the number of refugees coming to New York (mostly to upstate cities) dropped from 5,026 in 2016 to 1,218 in 2017? And that this has created a “vacuum for groups that seek to help refugees relocate from their native countries”? Translation: the pro-immigration groups Spector quoted are hurting.

According to Spector, the travel ban is very bad for upstate. He stated, “The drop has been felt predominantly upstate, where most refugees settled because of a lower cost of living and a well-developed social services structure to help them acclimate.” More on this later.

Native New Yorkers have been fleeing the state for decades, and all we heard from upstate newspapers and editorial boards was the sound of crickets. But let the refugee flow drop and it’s a crisis. Apparently, native New Yorkers are expendable, but refugees are vital.

Hassett also said, “The data’s very clear: refugees and immigrants are a positive economic force.” Really? Doesn’t that depends on the refugee’s skills and education? There is general agreement among immigration economists that low-income, less-educated refugees are a net drain on the economy, while highly educated, highly skilled refugees are a net plus. The Spector article implies every refugee is a net plus. But Specter said that refugees relocate upstate because of the social safety net. Why would those economic dynamos need social services from upstate taxpayers?

What we need is a sane immigration and asylum policy. We also need an honest media. If they want to be advocates, they should at least admit it.

WRITER’S NOTE: I asked the Star-Gazette for comment before I posted this article, but they chose not to reply to my request. Remember who the media are. They ask us for comment, we can’t ask them. They judge us. We can’t judge them. A quote that is variously attributed goes, “never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” But times have changed thanks to the internet. We can expose every bit of their institutional bias and naked advocacy and post it on blogs just like this for all to see. Thanks for reading my blog. I welcome your comments.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.