Remember Condoleeza Rice? She is a Republican who was appointed Secretary of State by President George W. Bush. Dr. Rice served from 2005 to 2009, and was the first black woman to hold the post. Brilliant, highly educated and erudite, she is widely admired and a role model for young women. You might think this would be cause for jubilation: America making progress, conquering racism and sexism. A story like this might even spawn a TV show about a black woman Secretary of State. But no, that project would have to wait for Hillary to occupy that post and then resign from it to run for President. The show Madam Secretary aired for the first time in 2014, a celebration of a white woman Secretary of State. Dr. Rice’s accomplishment was ignored, as was President Bush’s blow against racism and sexism. A highly accomplished black woman’s achievement passed unnoticed like a stealth ship passing in the night because she’s Republican. But the mandarins in the entertainment industry gave Hillary a weekly campaign ad in the form of a fictional TV show starring Tea Leoni, about an honest, courageous woman as the nation’s top diplomat. This in-kind donation was worth millions. Would a Republican woman get this kind of treatment? Only when pigs sprout wings and fly.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.