get off my lawn 12-19


Impeach Trump! That’s been the mantra of the Democrat party and their journo-pets since Trump won in 2016. In early 2016 the FBI, the Department of Justice and intelligence agencies, with a nod from the Obama Administration, launched what they euphemistically called an investigation of the Trump campaign, which in truth was spying on the Trump campaign. Now, the same media-Democrat cabal seeks to divert our attention with one hoax after another. The shiny objects are Russian collusion, which died with the Mueller report, followed by cries for impeachment over an ordinary phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president. After impeachment fails, there will be another shiny object. Spying on an opposition political campaign to nullify the 2016 election and fix the next one is easily the greatest political scandal in American history, so distract they must. These banana republic tactics were hatched by Democrat appointees in a Democrat administration and aided by supposedly non-partisan, non-political civil servants. So who really “hacked our democracy?”

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.

Author: theboisterousseas

My name is Mike Morrongiello. Don't be fooled by my title (Doctor), I'm just a regular Joe who goes to work every day just like you do. I know New York City. I was born and raised there. I know Upstate. I've lived here for 27 years. I know politics. I've been a Republican Chairman and Vice-Chairman. I've run for office twice. The local newspapers have printed scores of my articles. Visit my evolving blog and read my latest posts.


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