Elections have consequences. The result of the last Congressional election is the phony Democrat-led impeachment of a duly elected Republican President. The Democrat House Speaker describes the occasion as “solemn” and says she’s “prayerful” – gag me. This is a political hit job, plain and simple. For three years the Democrat Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Shiff, has been saying that he has evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, yet this practiced liar hasn’t produced a shred of it yet. Shiff and his committee are now gathering “evidence” of Presidential malfeasance. Zero principles here, and even less honesty.

The previous plot to remove Trump alleged that he colluded with Russia “to hack our democracy.” You don’t hear about this now because the Mueller report killed it: no collusion found. Now, Democrats have hatched a new plan to overturn the 2016 election and rig the 2020 contest. The current plot is based on President Trump’s phone conversation with the Ukrainian president. President Trump released the transcript of that phone call; I read it and found nothing remotely criminal. I respectfully ask that you read the transcript for yourself. Trump committed no crime. This President and previous Presidents have asked foreign leaders to help with investigations, and have withheld aid pending cooperation by foreign governments on various matters.

Hysterical Democrats bleat daily about their loyalty to the Constitution and the President “violating his oath of office.” Phonies all. Progressive Democrats would gleefully rip the “obsolete” Constitution into confetti, toss it in the air and celebrate while it tumbles around them. But the sham impeachment miserably grinds on, with the press propping it up and giving it what it lacks – a patina of legitimacy.

House Republicans have done their part. All voted against the faux impeachment resolution. Two Democrats voted against it, making the vote for impeachment partisan, and the vote against impeachment bipartisan. Nick Langworthy, Chairman of the New York State Republican Party, has targeted four vulnerable House Democrats for defeat in 2020. Good for him. The Republican Party finally has a beating heart and a steely spine. This bodes well for the country, and for New York State.

Politics is a team game. Winning will take all of us. I have a suggestion: please get involved. Write a letter to the editor, contribute to one or more candidates, and help put an end to this Shiff show by supporting the opponents of the four Democrats targeted by Chairman Langworthy. Here is the latest.

NY 22: Anthony Brindisi (D). Trump won this district by 15 points. Several candidates are vying for the Republican nomination, but former Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is the favorite to face Brindisi.

NY 11: Max Rose (D). Trump won NY 11 by 10 points. Rose’s likely opponent is Republican Nicole Malliatakis.

NY 19: Antonio Delgado (D). This is a Trump +7 district. At this stage, no clear challenger to Delgado has emerged.

NY 18: Sean Patrick Maloney (D). President Trump won NY 18 by two points. Republican Chele Farley has announced her candidacy. Farley ran against Kirsten Gillibrand in 2018.

All four of these so-called moderate Democrats wanted no part of impeachment as candidates. But once in office, they all changed their tune. Join the team, and let’s throw the four bums out.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.

Author: theboisterousseas

My name is Mike Morrongiello. Don't be fooled by my title (Doctor), I'm just a regular Joe who goes to work every day just like you do. I know New York City. I was born and raised there. I know Upstate. I've lived here for 27 years. I know politics. I've been a Republican Chairman and Vice-Chairman. I've run for office twice. The local newspapers have printed scores of my articles. Visit my evolving blog and read my latest posts.

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