These are my planned remarks for the last Political Pundit night, which was October 23rd. Most plans don’t survive first contact with real people, and neither did mine. I had to answer baseless charges from one panelist that millions were dying as a result of having no health care. Not true, as everyone is required to be treated at the ER. And besides, if millions were dying, wouldn’t we hear about it from our Democrat-loving media? I’m told the crowd was quiet while I spoke, a welcome change to be sure. I hope some of what I said got through.

Thanks again to Dr. Coleman for putting this event together. I was pleased to participate. It’s a fun event in an iconic setting, the Elmira Heights Theater. Please come to the next Political Pundit Night, scheduled for late January of 2019.

My remarks follow.

Dr. Coleman, fellow pundits, ladies and gentlemen:

Seniors, President Trump vowed to never touch Medicare. Keeping

Republicans in charge will preserve the program for us, the seniors it

was designed for.

Beware Democrats who will throw seniors under the bus to pass

single-payer (“Medicare for all.”)

Democrats lied to pass Obamacare.

Here are some whoppers they told with a straight face.

Premiums will decline by $2,500. (They skyrocketed.)

You can keep your insurance and your doctor, said Obama some 30


Millions lost plans they liked and doctors they trusted.

Democrats promised to protect Medicare, but they robbed $500 billion

from it to fund Obamacare.

If they lied about health care then, why trust them now?

What do the single-payer advocates really think about seniors?

ABC news gave an infomercial disguised as a Town Hall to

promote Obamacare, hosted by the selfsame President Obama.

One participant, Jane Sturm, asked Obama if her 90-year-old mother

could have a life-saving heart operation. Would he consider her

spirit, her joyful approach to life? Obama’s chilling reply was that

maybe her mother should take the pain pill… (meaning: die.)

Obama wielded the power of life and death with a

disquieting ease that should have frightened all of us.

This was a totalitarian moment more in line with the likes of

Mussolini and Castro than the tradition of Washington.

The message: seniors are disposable.

Bernie Sanders, like most Democrats, wants single-payer health care.

Bernie loves the Canadian system, which is plagued by shortages. Quebec native George Zelotis was 73, suffering from heart problems and needed a hip replacement.

But he was on a wait list for surgery. That’s common in Canada.

Zelotis was stuck and in pain.

Private insurance is illegal and physicians in the Canadian System

can’t privately sell their services to patients.

So Zelotis and his doctor, Jacques Chaoulli, sued. The case wound

its way to their Supreme Court, which found that Zelotis’s rights were

violated by being forced to wait for the surgery that would ease his


Here’s what Justice Marie Deschamps said, writing for

the majority:

Some patients die as a result of long waits for treatment in the

Public system…”

Medicare for all means two things. One: seniors will no longer be

Medicare’s priority. And as you can see in the case Chaoulli

v. Quebec, the second meaning is—get in line.

Economist Milton Friedman said “if you put the government in

charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

A shortage of sand is an inconvenience. For seniors, a shortage of

health care means a shorter life.

Michael A. Morrongiello, Ph. D.

Author: theboisterousseas

My name is Mike Morrongiello. Don't be fooled by my title (Doctor), I'm just a regular Joe who goes to work every day just like you do. I know New York City. I was born and raised there. I know Upstate. I've lived here for 27 years. I know politics. I've been a Republican Chairman and Vice-Chairman. I've run for office twice. The local newspapers have printed scores of my articles. Visit my evolving blog and read my latest posts.

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